Thomas : lyrics, vocals and keyboards
Julien : guitar and bass

Staar was formed in 2009 as a thrash / black metal band in Strasbourg (France) by Thomas and Julien. Since the beginning they created an uncompromising cold underground sound by using a very minimalistic production and recording most of the tracks on a simple old cassette recorder. Like many underground bands, they reject big productions, loud sound and today's musical trends. But they pushed things a bit further by using no pseudo and refusing all kind of studio recordings, remaining faithful to their self-made sound phylosophy. Between 2009 and 2011 they worked on their first release. During all that period no demo was released, no label was contacted and very few information was given in order to keep the music secret, waiting for the good moment and taking the time to do things right. But now, after two years of silence, Staar is about to release a first eponymous album talking about our war to defend a true and dark musical lifestyle. Here is a new stone on the wall of underground metal resistance.